Saturday, December 17, 2016

Things I love about the holidays

Since I started working in retail, the holidays is associated with rude people, stress, and more stress. It's true. Though there are days when the customers are just excited and friendly; which are the days that I love! On break, my coworkers and I tend to bitch about rude customers. Sometimes when you're having a terrible day and you encounter such rude people, it's easy to just hate everything about the holidays.

So one day, while I was on break and listening to others complain about people, I took some time to write down things that I love about the holidays. Honestly, it made the rest of my day bearable!


Cultural (in my case Filipino) and family traditions are fun things to look forward to. My favorite tradition is baking cookies, getting a snack basket from my parents, and watching Christmas movies with my brothers. The best part is, we all sleep in the same room and it's our little slumber party.


I feel like the holidays is the best excuse to go overboard shopping without judgement. No? As I shop for people, I find myself picking up some stuff for myself too. The deals that are out there, are hard to pass up!

Carols and Movies

Even though I listen to Christmas music 40+ hours a week at work, the carols just makes the commute and the vibe at home better and puts me in a good mood. As for the movies, what's not to love about Christmas movies? Aside from watching the usual classics (ie. Elf, The Holiday, The Grinch, etc), I am obsess with Hallmark Channel's movies. They are absolutely cheesy, but I love them!

Gift Giving

Tying this with shopping, I love buying things for people! I love watching their reactions when they open their presents. I usually try to find something practical for my friends and family. 


I love seeing the lights everywhere. From shopping malls, the streets, and at home, they are just too beautiful!

Cold weather and Snow

Okay, I'm not a big fan of either, but it just doesn't feel like the holidays without snow and the chilling temperatures. It's an excuse to stay home, cuddle, watch movies or read, and just spend a quiet time at home.


I don't need to say more. There's something about holiday meals that are just comforting!

What is your favorite thing about the holidays?

xx Aissa